Her Campus Lasell

During my four years at Lasell College, I was a contributing writer and editor for Her Campus Lasell. I served as Editor-in-Chief of the publication, which is a chapter within the Her Campus website. In this role, I organized the editorial calendar and published articles online, overseeing the 20+ members who write for Her Campus Lasell. I was the Editor-in-Chief for 3 semesters, but was an editor for 6 semesters overall.

Articles by Danie:

 Her Campus

I worked at HerCampus.com as a National Feature Writer from November 2017 until May 2018. In this role, I was assigned full-length feature articles to write, and I also wrote news articles weekly.

Articles by Danie:

Lasell College

As a journalism major, I worked on many assignments and projects that pertained to writing. My best work is below.

  • Women, Listen! – For my Magazine and Feature Writing course, we created our own magazines. Mine is about women in music and consists of 20 pages of content. I was the sole creator of the design, writing, reporting, and photography.
  • “Are Student Resources Used Enough at Lasell?”  – For my Advanced Journalism course, groups worked on investigative pieces and assigned a question to answer. Our question asked if students adequately used the available resources at Lasell College. My role consisted of creating and monitoring the survey we put online, some research and interviewing, and putting together the final piece. I helped to write and edit the 2500-word article.
  • Kingdomchella 2018 – In my Professional Communication course, groups created a business plan, either using an already established company or creating an entirely new one. Our group created ‘Kingdomchella,’ a music festival aimed at millennials to be hosted at Walt Disney World. My role consisted of working on the product line and service, market analysis, and financials.
  • Working with the West Suburban YMCA – I had the chance to work with the West Suburban YMCA, located in Newton, Mass., in my Media Relations course. In this role, we mainly focused on promoting Giving Tuesday and inviting the community to choose our Y as their charity of choice after Black Friday. We created an editorial calendar for social media and many of the posts were published. You can view some of the posts here and here.


These are some of my articles I have posted on Medium that have also been published on Noteworthy.

The Seacoast Scene

I was a freelance writer for the Seacoast Scene in New Hampshire from July 2019 to March 2020. I wrote feature articles for the biweekly paper from topics given to me by my editor. I have also written two cover stories.