60 Things I’m Afraid Of



  1. The dark.
  2. Birds.
  3. Thunderstorms.
  4. Graduating college.
  5. Losing my friends.
  6. Wild animals.
  7. Vomit.
  8. Heights.
  9. Driving at night.
  10. The woods.
  11. Losing my family.
  12. Falling trees.
  13. Public speaking.
  14. Eyeballs.
  15. Making phone calls.
  16. Failing a test or class.
  17. Getting a B in a class.
  18. Getting a real job.
  19. Not being able to find a real job.
  20. Moving out and living on my own.
  21. Relationships.
  22. Waking up late.
  23. Traveling to new places.
  24. Being broke.
  25. Missing my stop on the T.
  26. Getting rejected by publishers.
  27. Not being good enough.
  28. Not being cute enough.
  29. Getting an answer wrong in class.
  30. The current state of our nation.
  31. Losing things.
  32. Losing important things.
  33. Losing my mind.
  34. Others judging me.
  35. Walking alone at night.
  36. Having surgery.
  37. Huge crowds.
  38. Criticism.
  39. Bugs.
  40. Having everyone watching me.
  41. Panic attacks.
  42. Snakes.
  43. Being alone.
  44. Not being able to pay off my loans.
  45. Needles.
  46. Getting lost.
  47. Feeling sick.
  48. Confrontation.
  49. Looking and feeling fat.
  50. Making people angry.
  51. Death.
  52. Sharks.
  53. Cemeteries.
  54. Having to get rid of old memories.
  55. Swimming without a life jacket.
  56. Clowns.
  57. Mosh pits.
  58. Being forgotten.
  59. Change.
  60. Fear itself.

If you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this list, congratulations! You now know how it feels to be a person with anxiety. When your mind does not stop running, you find yourself constantly afraid of everything, afraid of both rational and irrational things. You know some of these may be stupid. I mean, I’m afraid of eyeballs. How irrational is that?

Fear and anxiety go hand-in-hand. I hate being afraid of so many things, and it can be sometimes awful when others find it humorous. My fear of birds is legitimate, and I’ll flinch or run from any bird that comes near me. And yes, people laugh. But in my anxiety-filled brain, birds make me shake. It’s overwhelming. And when other people experience fear from being on an airplane or seeing a snake, it’s the same exact feeling I get for almost everything on this list. I hate being scared, so I try to stop myself, but then my anxiety flares up, and I feel terrible, and it’s a vicious cycle. Not just for me, but for everyone who deals with it.

If you learn anything from this list I’ve given of things I’m afraid of, knowΒ that everyone has their own fears. Anxiety sometimes makes it worse. It’s scary, and it’s heart-racing, and it’s not something to be made fun of. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before thinking someone’s fear is weird.

This is anxiety. Welcome to our world.


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