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You Know I’m Stressed When….

Okay pals, I have a secret that’s really not that secret, but is pretty weird.

As you may have gathered from my past blog posts, I’m stressed out. I have work, homework, writing to do, and places to go. I’m constantly wondering what I should be doing next and feel like down time is NOT allowed.

I have a way of dealing with my stress, which is definitely not in a good way. It’s terrible and I can tell I’m stressed when I start doing it, but I physically can’t stop myself. When I’m stressed, I….


I’m dead serious.

It’s a way of procrastinating, and a way to calm myself down. When I don’t know what to do, I start moving things around. I’ve always been someone who likes decorating and organizing, and if I was a little more creative in the artistic field, I would probably be an interior decorator.

When I start decorating, it’s always in my dorm. The unfortunate part about the room I live in is that no matter how you rearrange it, there’s always going to be something off because of the shape. Once my stress levels are high, my OCD (yet another problem to add to my list) kicks in and I just HAVE to fix that part.

Here are some examples of the things I’ve done with my side of #DryerStrip310:

The original #DryerStrip310, which can be seen in a previous blog post. 

Last month, in a bout of procrastination and freaking out, I pushed my bed down, moved the desk, and put the fridge somewhere else.
(Please excuse the blur) Now my desk and bookshelf are back to where they originally were, but my fridge has not moved and my bed is in the middle.

As you can tell, I’ve become a pro at redecorating. But the age-old question is…

Why is decorating my go-to when I am procrastinating?

To be honest, I wish I knew. I want to stop myself every time I go on Pinterest and look at cool dorm rooms. When the thought crosses my mind that I should move my bed, I panic because I know where this is going. I don’t necessarily¬†want to do it, but then the thought continues to poke me, and poke me, and annoy me every minute until I finally succumb.

At times, I often wonder if my stress relief technique is positive or negative. I could be doing yoga, or deep breathing, or even taking a nap. It is said that a stress reliever is organizing things, but am I taking it too far? Is the OCD in me being too strict? Or am I just completely overthinking this?

It’s probably the last one. My hobby is strange, and it’s definitely not your average stress reliever. But it does help. Moving furniture around, or rearranging my tea mugs, or color-coordinating my closet makes me feel a little better. It helps clear my mind. It may be a terrible procrastination habit, but it works. I suggest trying it if you ever need a way to fight your stress.

….And we will see if I rearrange my room next semester too.

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