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College Struggles

(As I was typing the title for this post, I spelt college wrong. Forgive me.)

Why did nobody tell me being a junior in college was so difficult? It would have been nice to have a little warning. Here I was, entering my junior year, feeling like an adult. I had everything planned out, I had a nice room (with friends!), I had a partially-new wardrobe with more professional outfits, I had a new job, I had plenty of tea…. I was prepared! I was ready to kick junior year’s ass!

Now, I’m kind of falling apart.

My to do list is almost up to a full page, and I’m not even kidding.


The one great part about that is some things are actually crossed off. But I have all of that to do, plus edit articles for Her Campus Lasell. National Novel Writing Month has also arrived, and I’m just writing what I can so I’m able to say I wrote for my 8th year in a row. Then I have work, because I am that person who will pick up extra shifts all the time (I now work Sunday nights from 8-12, so that’s fun). Even with these extra hours, I still have no money. I’m the epitome of a broke college student with no motivation.

Would anyone be so kind to help me figure out where I can find motivation to complete my work? Is it under my bed? In my desk? In the many cups of tea I’ve been drinking? How do I get it to go to my head?

Anyways, this is my life. Maybe if I start blogging more often, just to get the words out of my brain, I’ll free up some room for motivation. Is that how it works? I wish.

I debate dropping out of school and being a waitress for the rest of my life, but then decide I have spent thousands of dollars already, and I might as well finish. I sorted out my classes for registration and realized once I get the classes I need for next semester, I only have six left for my two concentrations. I have no idea how that worked out, considering I only declared my second concentration last semester.

Life is moving so fast, and I’m not sure how much I like it.

And as one last side note, I applied for a job at a record store yesterday. Cross your fingers I at least get an interview!

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