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Six Hours in N.Y.C.

What’s better than passing through New York City on your way to Pennsylvania? Going to New York City for a full six hours with my school.


Lasell has a fashion program (my former major), and they offer a trip to NYC every year. While it’s offered for fashion majors, I was accepted last-minute because there were two spots left. We left at six a.m., got to the city at 11:30, and left at 5:30, finally getting back to school at 11:00 p.m. Yeah, it was a super long day, but so worth it (only cost $20!).

In the group I went with, we visited the WGSN office and then walked to the Burberry HQ. Both places were beautiful, and I absolutely loved visiting them. I especially loved Burberry, because the presentation was about everything relating to the company and not just fashion. After that was done, we were allowed a few hours of free time. Of course, my roommate Catherine, our suitemate Raegan and I went to Times Square, then found 99 cent pizza and Mood Fabrics.

WGSN: the kind of company I wish I worked for.
It poured all morning, finally stopping around 2:30. I didn’t care, and at least I had my raincoat and umbrella. I was still in NYC.
Excuse the blurriness, but here’s the Burberry office.
I never want to pay for overpriced pizza again.
Catherine and I at Mood Fabrics. Bought some shirts and couldn’t resist saying “Thank you, Mood!” when we left.
“in a faraway place called the Empire State Building…”
*plays Welcome to New York in the background*
I found Madison Square Garden as we walked by and freaked out! I was so excited.
Hey there Danie, what’s it like in New York City?

As you can see, my trip was fantastic. After we explored the city for a little while, we stopped by the Museum at FIT to check out the exhibits on show. Obviously, I’m not into fashion as much, but I liked the Uniformity exhibition. After that, we got back on the bus and sat in a few hours of traffic before finally heading back home.

The day was neverending, especially with the bus ride and running around NYC, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I got to experience one of my favorite cities with my friends. It made me realize how much I love the city and how much I want to live there after I graduate. My goal is to live in NYC for at least one year to try it out and figure out if I could live there. Boston is my home, but NYC is my dream.

A HUGEEEEEEE thank you to the fashion department at Lasell for allowing me to come along. You are all wonderful, and I could not be more grateful.

Because I fell in love again with NYC, I booked everything this morning for my spring break trip there. My friend Hannah and I are taking a Greyhound down, staying in a hotel, and exploring for a few days. I purchased tickets for a matinee performance of Chicago and I can’t wait. Only 139 more days until we meet again, NYC….

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