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My TJ Maxx Adventure

Yesterday (5/5), the newest TJ Maxx opened up its doors. On the corner of Newbury Street and Massachusetts Ave in Boston’s Back Bay, the place boasts three floors of shopping and wonderful things you can buy for great prices.

I am a member of InfluenceHer Collective and Her Campus Lasell, which are both hosted by Her Campus. HC Lasell was lucky enough to receive $30 gift cards from HC for the TJ Maxx opening to buy whatever it was for our heart’s content. As a member of the IHC and an honorary Bostonian, I was also chosen to receive TWO $30 gift cards from HC as well for the TJ Maxx opening.

So yeah, I was given $90 to go wild and buy some new clothes.

I LOVE these bags. We received them when we walked in (filled with a water bottle, Jelly beans and hand sanitizer), and it was used as a bag for our purchases. Reusable bags are THE BEST.

First of all, the store is in a great location. It’s located right above the Hynes Convention Center T stop on the Green Line, so you get off the train and you’re right there. And the store really is huge. I thought it would take my mom and I a few hours to get through it all, but surprisingly it only took an hour. I found a good amount of things to try on and this is what I ended up buying:


First of all, let me tell you something. I exclusively wear black, white and gray. My closet is filled with three shades of color, and I almost never wear anything else (except red occasionally). When I went to TJ Maxx, I decided I needed to expand my wardrobe and buy some colored items for the future when I have a job that requires nice clothing without words. I also need to eventually buy dress pants and a blazer sometime, but those will be for later.

At TJ Maxx, I got all colorful things. The pink dress fits me really well, and I love the yellow and green shirts that I can easily wear with or without a cardigan. I did try on another dress and two other shirts, but they didn’t fit me as well. The purse pictured is something my mom bought because she needed something that wasn’t Vera Bradley (AKA what our lives are filled with). How much was this purchase total?


I ended up using two of my $30 gift cards, and I have the other one saved to use whenever. I’m excited to wear these new clothing items and I’m glad I got them for a great price!

Thank you TJ Maxx and Her Campus, the new store is great!

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