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When Your Life is a Mess

It’s raining outside, my to-do list is racking up to a full page, I have a pile of homework glaring at me from my desk, there are six blog post drafts on my WordPress account, and here I am writing a new blog post.

Sometimes, your life is a mess.

I feel like my life is always like this during the second semester. Every year, the second semester is always the hardest. This time I have six classes, I’m on the executive board for two clubs, and I actually have a social life. I had six classes last semester and it was the easiest thing in the world. It’s a shame that this time my classes are a million times harder.

I wish that I could be like the other people that you see on social media that have their life perfectly together. They’ve got their planner that they write in obsessively, they still have time to write and schedule blog posts, and they’re always getting their homework done while going out to fancy events three or four nights out of the week.

I don’t think that’s actually physically possible, because when I try to do that my mind goes berserk.

Either I’m just not cut out for time management, or it really is impossible to do all of that and still be successful. I guess my plan is to spend a certain amount of time doing work and NOT socializing, and then doing plenty of socializing and no work. Either way, it makes my brain hurt.

So my life is a mess, and it will probably continue to be like this for the rest of the semester. I figured I should probably give you guys an inside look on Ranie’s life. Let’s just hope I make it out alive. Wish me luck!

(Please enjoy this picture of the rain outside my window because you don’t want to see what my face looks like.)


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