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Living in the (S)quad

So many people experience college in different ways. For most students when they live in a dorm, they have one roommate. They live in a double and become best friends. Some students live in a triple and have two roommates.

I have five roommates.

Okay, not really. But I live in a quad, which means four of us live in a huge room. We also have one friend that stays over occasionally, who we consider to be the 5th roomie. And then we have another friend, a commuter, who comes over during breaks, so she’s the 6th roomie.


Most people tend to ask me “how do you live with three other girls?” when they find out I’m in a quad. To be honest, it’s great. Here’s what it’s like for me to live in a quad.

  1. You’re literally never alone. And not in a bad way, either. In the last two rooms I’ve lived in, I was alone. Constantly. And it puts a damper on your mood because you get so lonely. In a quad, you’re always with your roommates. I’ve had one night so far where I’ve been in the room by myself.
  2. Going along with that, you always have someone to talk to. If you need to vent or just tell someone the good news, you’ve got a good chance that there will be one of your roommates in the dorm.
  3. You actually have a lot of space. Depending on where you live and what school you go to, there are benefits to living with 3 other girls. Our room is practically three times the size of my first dorm room (that was basically the size of a single). We’ve made it work and have a huge space in the middle of the room, perfect for working out or lying on the floor in a time of stress.
  4. You’ll get along with at least one of your roommates. Thankfully, I get along with all five (okay, three…). In a double or triple, there’s a huge possibility you might not get along. In a triple, it’s worse because the other two may become friends and leave you out. A quad is an even number, so it works great!
  5. You can create clever names along with it. We call our room the (s)quad, going along with how friendship groups are now called squads. Oh, and we all have nicknames that start with an S, but we can’t tell you those.

It’s strange to say that I love living in a quad, because I was so against it in the beginning of college! I used to think, “I don’t know how people do it,” but after I moved in because I desperately needed somewhere to be, I’m comfortable. I’m happy. And that’s awesome.

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