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Goals for the Second Semester

I have officially moved BACK to school, and I am both happy and sad about it. I’m only sad because my short break is over and now I have to walk everywhere in the cold. BUT I am happy because I’m back at school where my friends are!

For the second semester, I’ve moved to a different dorm for many different reasons (and I won’t go into detail). I’m now living in a quad in a residential house, and I’ve finally been able to put everything away. Here’s a picture of what my corner of the room looks like:


It’s not finished yet, only because I’m still working on a few things. I have some Def Leppard posters I need to hand up in that empty space but no more Command strips (boo). But this is wonderful for now, and I feel super organized!

Here are a few goals for my second semester, and I hope everyone makes goals for themselves as well! To all college students starting back up again: study hard and have fun.

  1. Get straight A’s for the fourth semester in a row.
  2. Write in my planner as much as possible instead of ignoring it.
  3. Be adventurous and go out every now and then. Hang out with friends, even if it’s just going into the room next door and sitting with them for a few hours.
  4. Go to class and don’t skip. Also, take a lot of notes. And be well-prepared.
  5. Work hard on my other activities, like Her Campus Lasell and the yearbook.
  6. Attend as many concerts as I can to get myself back out with the music.

Let’s make this semester great! (Hey, I rhymed)

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