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Some “Tips” for Customers


In case you didn’t already know, I work in a restaurant. I have been working there for the past two and a half years (even though I’ve been absent for the past year since I was at school). I have always been an ice cream scooper, but I’ve recently become a server and am now getting more shifts. And let me tell you: servers deserve a lot more credit than they get.

Servers work their butts off to make the customers happy. Whether it means getting extra sauces for them, refilling their drinks at least three times, or staying at their table for an extra five minutes, they are there to cater to every customer’s need. However, I feel like these “needs” are getting out of hand.

We may be called servers, but we are absolutely not your servants. We are called servers because we serve you food and drinks at the restaurant you went to for dinner. Don’t snap your fingers at us. Don’t yell “Hey, you!” across the dining room. Don’t call us names when you think we can’t hear you. We’re people too. We deserve the respect any other person would get.

The worst part about being a server sometimes isn’t the whole running around, servant thing. It’s when you run back and forth five million times for a table and make sure they have literally everything in the restaurant and they only leave you a dollar tip on a $50 check. Here’s a fun fact: servers are paid around $3 an hour. You may think, isn’t that below the minimum wage? Yes. But servers have a different minimum wage because it is expected that they will receive a tip from each table for serving them their food. When we don’t get tips, we don’t get paid.

How would you feel if you went to your office job, slaved for eight hours on the computer, and then never receive a pay check for it? You would feel cheated and angry, right?┬áThat’s how servers feel when they don’t get tipped.

If you have enough money to go out and eat, you should be able to leave a few extra dollars for your hard-working server. It’s not that difficult, is it? Some people tip depending on their server. Some use a tip calculator to do a 15% tip. Whatever it is, you should give them something in exchange for their service.

Most people are servers because this is what works out for them. They may have children and working nights is a better way to make money. This may have been the only job that hired them. Some people like working in a restaurant. For me, I’m working here because I’m in college. It’s a good job to come back to for the summer where you can make enough money for the fall semester. People have this misconception that if you’re a server, you’re stupid. That it’s not a “real job”. Serving is difficult. I didn’t become one until almost two years after I started working because I was scared to. Serving is one of the realest jobs you can have.

Be kind. Don’t be utterly rude every single time your server comes to your table. They’re doing their best to please you, and you should tip them accordingly for serving you your dinner. If that’s all we’re asking, isn’t that enough?

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