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Today is a very special day. It’s my birthday! Yep, I am officially 19 and I feel exactly the same as I did when I was 18 yesterday. And since it’s crappy weather outside, I will be staying inside and hanging out. Probably watching Parks and Recreation because it’s my birthday and I can.

Last year, I wrote 18 Things You May Not Know About Me. So because it’s my birthday and I feel special, here are 19 more facts about myself! Enjoy reading these while I go enjoy my birthday. ūüôā

(Just because it’s my birthday, I figured you would enjoy a baby picture of me. I loved donuts.)

  1. I was born on February 5th, 1996, at exactly 6 a.m. I was almost born in my dad’s truck, but thankfully, I waited a mere 10 minutes after getting to the hospital.¬†
  2. I can’t go a day without talking to my mom.¬†
  3. Put mint and Oreos together with ice cream and you get a very happy Danie.
  4. I have an entire playlist on Spotify dedicated to rock and roll. Currently have 76 songs on there, so…
  5. I used to do archery when I was a kid-turned-teenager. I was actually really good at it, and then work and high school got in the way so I stopped. 
  6. Pepsi > Coke. 
  7. My favorite kind of flowers are sunflowers.
  8. I once met Tom Brady. Well, almost. I was at training camp and he walked through to sign *select* autographs and I was inches away from him. I could have touched him, but I probably would have gotten yelled at. Also, I was 12. 
  9. Turtles are my favorite animals.
  10. While I have never had coffee or gum, I don’t like either.
  11. My first crush was Jesse McCartney at the tender age of 5. Thank you, Dream Street.
  12. I have two favorite kinds of dogs: Alaskan Malamutes and¬†Dachshunds. If I have a big house, I’ll¬†have a Malamute. But if I live in an apartment, I want a¬†wiener¬†dog.¬†
  13. I got to be a grand marshal with my family in a Disney parade one year. It consisted of riding in a fire truck car with Mickey ears and waving and smiling at everyone for 30 minutes. It was fantastic. 
  14. Once upon a time, I was friends with James Maslow (from Big Time Rush). We were Facebook friends and we talked on Twitter a lot. But that’s a long story so I won’t get into it.
  15. The Jonas Brothers are the reason for my band obsessions.
  16. I can’t eat something salty without eating something sweet after, or vice versa. If I eat ice cream, I need french fries. If I eat pretzels, I want chocolate after.¬†
  17. I love to go camping. 
  18. I have a huge obsession with Target (but let’s be honest, who doesn’t?).
  19. I’ve been dancing for 16 years, did gymnastics for 2 years, and I still cannot do a cartwheel.

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