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25 Things to be Happy About

As a fellow New Englander, born and raised, I completely, totally understand Seasonal Affective Disorder. Every year in the winter, many people feel depressed, sad and just don’t want to go out. It’s a serious thing, and unfortunately, a lot of New Englanders deal with it because we have snow and cold and the weather outside is just awful.

Everyone knows by now that New England got royally dumped on by snow clouds earlier this week. Boston got 23 inches, and I can definitely tell as I’m walking to my classes today. Fortunately for me, classes were cancelled on both Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have no classes on Monday, so it’s been a nice week of no classes. 

So, to make everyone feel better from this disorder that has been put into place after the huge blizzard, here are some things to be happy about.

  1. Watching puppies play in the snow excitedly.
  2. Drinking all the hot cocoa in the land. 
  3. Candy Crush.
  4. Classes being cancelled.
  5. Big, comfy blankets.
  6. The Road to El Dorado and Friends being on Netflix.
  7. Ooey, gooey macaroni and cheese with 4 different kinds of cheese. 
  8. Finishing your homework.
  9. Winter will be over soon so we don’t have to hear Let It Go. (Let it go, people!!!)
  10. Fall Out Boy released a new album and we have plenty more music from wonderful bands coming soon.
  11. Wearing a cardigan, scarf, beanie, leggings and riding boots all at the same time and it’s perfectly okay.
  12. Any kind of cheese in general.
  13. You only have one semester left of the school year!
  14. Having thick hair to keep your head warm in the cold.
  15. Taylor Swift.
  16. Being socially acceptable to sit in your room all day because you don’t want to venture outside.
  17. Good books.
  18. Finding a perfect pair of skinny jeans.
  19. Having clean clothes.
  20. Milkshakes.
  21. Sleeping in on the weekends.
  22. Chicken nuggets.
  23. Dancing around the room to your favorite songs.
  24. Putting on fuzzy pajama pants after a long day.
  25. Being yourself!

-Danie xo

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