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15 Things I’ve Learned in Food Service

Today was my last day (until winter break) working at my job, Friendly’s. You’ve heard me complain plenty of times about working there and how I despise it, but I am a little sad. I’ve been working there for almost two years and it was my first job, after all. I scoop ice cream, I take orders, I run food, I sit guests. The only thing I don’t do is serve.

When you work in the food service industry, you learn SO MUCH about customer service and how to please everyone. As my first job at a restaurant, it has really helped me learn a lot and I’m glad I know how to deal with customers. Here’s a list I’ve complied of all the amazing things you learn while working in food service: 

  1. You finally find out what “86ing” and “on the fly” is. And no, neither of them are inappropriate. 
  2. You can fake smile like nobody’s business, especially when you have to face the customers. 
  3. You figure out that carrying 3 or 4 plates of food at a time isn’t really that hard ((I still have an issue with this)).
  4. Writing in code for people’s orders is the fastest way to do it. w/ch-whipped cream and cherry. 
  5. If a server doesn’t clean their tables, they shouldn’t be sat. 
  6. When you have regular customers, you will always be able to remember their orders. I’ve had so many people come up to the window and order ice cream regularly that I know it every time. Just make sure to say it once so you know it’s their order and not someone else’s. 😉  
  7. You know how to react to customers when they don’t want to sit where you’re trying to seat them. 
  8. Always have at least two pens with you, as they get stolen frequently from the pen-snatchers you work with.
  9. Know how to work a register and get the change correct. 
  10. Some co-workers offer you money to do their side work. You learn to not do it, because that is not your job (even if you desperately want those 5 bucks).
  11. You learn how to make 8 milkshakes in 12 minutes and get through 5 pages of orders in less than 15 minutes. 
  12. How to tell which dressings or condiments are which in the bottles by just smelling them. 
  13. How to treat other food service workers at other restaurants. They’re doing the same exact job as you, and if you are doing something you HATE (like tipping badly or being too nitpicky about your food), they’re going to have to deal with you. You know how they react to things, so you know how to treat them nicely. 
  14. That working in a restaurant is how you make BANK. I earned all my spending money for this semester just by making tips in the past year and saving them. 
  15. Oh, and the customer’s always right (even when you KNOW they’re wrong. But hey, that’s where the fake smile comes in).
I’m definitely going to miss some of the people I work with and making money, but I cannot WAIT to go to school. Without this job, I never would have gotten a good look at customer service. I don’t plan on working in another restaurant in my life (simply because I don’t know where else I could work without being a server), but if I have to, I’ll do it. Peace out Friendly’s, time to start a new chapter at Lasell! 

-Danie xo

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