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  1. The first concert I ever attended was Dream Street when I was five years old, so I completely blame my mother for my concert addiction. 
  2. I’m obsessed with traveling. I’ve been to most of the East Coast states and Arizona/Nevada multiple times. I even went on a cross-country road trip 2 years ago. While I’ve never been to California or other countries (besides Canada as a young’in), I’m hoping to go ASAP. 
  3. I’ve been dancing since I was two. I dance tap, hip-hop and jazz. I’ve dabbled a bit in lyrical and ballet but uh… it’s difficult for me. 
  4. I tend to go through obsession phases. I like something for a few months, absolutely crazed about it. I only talk about that band or that movie or that story, I only think about it. Then it all stops and I become obsessed with another thing. I usually become obsessed with that thing again later on. 
  5. I hated anything to do with clothes as a kid. I mismatched my clothes on purpose just so my family would get mad at me for wearing red stretch pants and a purple t-shirt. 
  6. I once got an award for reading 200 books in a year. literally. 
  7. I love to clean my room, but I can never fully finish before getting distracted.
  8. Jumping rope is my favorite exercise. 
  9. I own about 40 pairs of shoes, and half of them are boots.
  10. I had a boyfriend. Once. 
  11. Any amusement park ride that makes my stomach drop is kind of awesome. Whether it’s a rollercoaster, the pirate ship, or one of those tall leap-frog-esque rides, they rock. 
  12. I go through at least three notebooks a year filled with stories and ideas. I used to go through more of the 1-subject notebooks, but I switched to 5-subject a few years ago. 
  13. I’m in Foods 2 but I still don’t know how to cook anything other than stir fry and macaroni and cheese. 
  14. While I can hit many different notes when singing (which I do a lot), I don’t actually sound good. I sound like a dying whale, but at least I have a good range. 
  15. I can go months without drinking soda, but make me go a week without ice cream and I’d give up easily. Maybe it’s because I work at an ice cream restaurant, but I can’t stop. I did go 30 days without ice cream once, though.
  16. I’m excellent at quoting lines from movies, musicals, or books. Or YouTube videos from band boys. I might break out into a scene during a normal conversation.
  17. My nationality is 3/4 British and I still can’t do a British accent to save my life, besides say ‘Skittles’ over and over again.
  18. The only reason why my nickname is ‘Danie’ and not ‘Dani’ is because I wanted to be different and cute and add an ‘e’ to the end. Also, I like it better. It’s stuck since 8th grade. Before that, I didn’t let anyone call me by Danie, only Danielle. 
I might be a little weird. But hey, that’s me. 

-Danie xo

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