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The Story of Those Acid-Wash Shorts

The Story of Those Acid-Wash Shorts

It finally happened. My favorite pair of shorts didn’t fit.

Why Aren’t Concerts Safe Anymore?

I work at a concert venue. This venue has hosted many country artists before. This venue was where I saw Christina Grimmie, six years ago, before her passing last June. This venue is a home to me. I have been to Las Vegas multiple times. […]

The Best Long-Distance Friend

I’ve got the best long-distance friend a girl could have.

My Favorite Band

Everyone has that one band, the one where your eyes light up when you talk about them and when you can recognize a song by the first two seconds. We all have that band in our lives that makes us happy. My band, for the […]

What a Concert Means

(This is another blog re-posted from a previous blog I did for writing class, The Music Enthusiast) There is nothing better than being at a concert. When you’re having a bad week or a bad month and need some kind of release, a concert is […]

Dear Bands: Embrace the Past

I like bands. A lot. And I like when bands release music, because that’s what makes them popular and awesome. What I do not like about bands is when they try to get rid of their past. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of bands change […]