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YA Cliches to Avoid ASAP

As a writer and reader, I stumble upon these cliches every day.

Carry On: The World of SnowBaz

My favorite author, Rainbow Rowell, recently published her latest YA book, Carry On. If you’ve read Fangirl by her, then you know of the fictional-within-a-fiction characters, Simon Snow and Baz Pitch. These characters are part of the Simon Snow series, which the main character of Fangirl, Cath, loved deeply. And when other people read Fangirl, they also fell in love with Simon and Baz, and they wanted more. And Rainbow Rowell gave us more with Carry On.

How It Feels to Be a Writer

Imagine being a writer and having an amazing idea. You create an outline and characters and begin to write. Surprisingly, it’s easy. You find yourself writing pages at a time, the plans forming in your head. Then you hit a road block, and find yourself […]