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I’m Not a ‘True Blogger’ – Here’s Why

Okay, I’ll say it. I’m not a true blogger. I’m not one of those bloggers you see across the internet who has their life together, with expensive clothes and a cool job and interesting stories. You won’t see my perfect graphics on Pinterest, linking to […]

Becoming a “Real” Adult

It’s just now starting to hit me that soon, I’ll be considered a “real” adult

My Character Development

It’s no secret to people who have seen me smile or laugh: I have a crooked mouth. I was born with it, and I tend to call it my “birth defect” (it is some kind of defect and there’s a name for it, but I […]

Discovery: How I Realized Fashion Wasn’t For Me

Discovery: How I Realized Fashion Wasn’t For Me

When I first started this blog, it was all about fashion. I took pictures with my tiny point and shoot camera by myself, didn’t edit them, and barely even said anything in my blog posts. It was pretty amateur in the beginning, I won’t lie […]