Why Aren’t Concerts Safe Anymore?

I work at a concert venue. This venue has hosted many country artists before. This venue was where I saw Christina Grimmie, six years ago, before her passing last June. This venue is a home to me. I have been to Las Vegas multiple times. […]

I’m Not a ‘True Blogger’ – Here’s Why

Okay, I’ll say it. I’m not a true blogger. I’m not one of those bloggers you see across the internet who has their life together, with expensive clothes and a cool job and interesting stories. You won’t see my perfect graphics on Pinterest, linking to […]

How to Make Your First College Budget

How to Make Your First College Budget

Budget. I know, it sounds like a scary word, right? As soon as you get a job or start paying for things yourself, it seems like that’s a frequent word brought up in conversation. If you’re in college, it may sound even worse. But I’m here […]

10 Items You Must Pack for College

10 Items You Must Pack for College

Almost every college student knows they will need to pack the essentials for when they move away to school. You can’t forget your shampoo, or your favorite t-shirt, or the jewelry that matches every outfit. These are obvious items, but there are also a few […]

How I Became a Journalism Major

I enrolled in an Intro to Journalism class in high school and was stoked. Then the class came. I hated it.

When Everything Goes Right

When life is better and you’re much happier, then roll with it.

Becoming a “Real” Adult

It’s just now starting to hit me that soon, I’ll be considered a “real” adult

Do I Be Nice, or a Bitch?

I don’t want to be walked all over because I’m so kind to everyone. But I also don’t want to be labeled the bitch because I don’t take crap from others.

A Count(up) to My 21st

Oh my god!! I’m 21!! I can officially go to 21+ concerts!!

Shoutout to My X’s

Here’s a shoutout and a farewell to those X’s on my hands.