My name is Danie Roberts. I am ‘raniedoberts,’ a name I created in 2011 to use as my Twitter handle. It was a fun way for me to express myself by just switching the letters, but eventually it turned into my trademark.

I’m 24 years old and graduated from Lasell College (sorry, I still can’t call it Lasell University). I studied Communication with a double concentration in Public Relations and Journalism and Media Writing, and a minor in Law and Business. My home state is New Hampshire, but my heart belongs in Boston. With my degree, I want to work in the music industry as a music journalist, touring manager, or PR agent for artists. I also want to write books (I specialize in Young Adult Fiction) and be an editor, maybe even an Editor-In-Chief for a magazine.

Except post-grad life is HARD. So follow me on this journey as I figure out where I really want to be and how I want to change the world. 

I believe in mental health awareness, women’s rights, inspiring young adults, and good grammar. A cup of tea is what gets me up in the morning, and chocolate is what keeps me going all day. Rock music and dogs make me the happiest. I’m a kid at heart, and still learning how to ‘adult.’ I spend a LOT of time with my nephew and yes, I know all the words to Baby Shark. 


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