In the six months since graduating college, I’ve been dedicated to finding a real job in my field. Unfortunately, I’m still searching. I work two part-time jobs, one with kids and one serving food and drinks. Some people have asked me if I’ve been searching hard enough, or if I’ve been looking in the right places. So, I’m going to give you a rough estimate and recap on what’s happened in these six months.

  • According to Indeed, I have applied to approximately 53 jobs. According to LinkedIn, I have applied to 29.
  • On other websites like MediaBistro, WayUp, Glassdoor, and Neuvoo, I’ve applied to roughly 45 jobs. This also doesn’t include the 25 or so emails I have sent out with applications.
  • I applied to one job three separate times, and each time I advanced further in the process. I’ve been rejected all three times.
  • I have had more than 30 interviews, whether they were on the phone or in person.
  • It has become normal for me to receive rejection emails at least twice a week.
  • I went to two job fairs that were unsuccessful.
  • My resume has been redone approximately eight times.
  • Because I only work part-time, I can’t afford my student loan payments. And because I don’t make enough money, I can’t refinance either!

I’m not telling you all of this because I want you to feel sorry for me. What I want is for people to realize how hard it is for young adults to get a job after college. You say there are resources to get jobs and that you need to just take the first job you get offered.

Here’s my problem:

I’ve contacted the career services center at my school a few times, and I can’t get a hold of them. I contacted the alumni department at my school, and never heard back. You can’t say I’m not trying.

And with the jobs I have been in talks with or for the jobs that they say I need to just “take” no matter what – I can’t. Because they don’t make nearly enough money for me to move and still afford loan payments. The other jobs that have to do with sales and commission and knocking on people’s doors to sell the products you see on those low-budget commercials? My post-grad depression is bad enough already. I don’t need an absolutely awful job like that to make it worse.

People don’t get that it’s not easy to find full-time employment with a freshly-printed college degree. It’s sad. I tell others about how many rejections I’ve received and how many jobs I’ve applied to. They seem shocked.

To be honest, they should be shocked. Please realize that I am trying to find employment. I’m on job boards every day. I send out emails. I’m active on LinkedIn. I want to be successful so badly. 

(If you know of anyone hiring in the media or communication industry and could give me any leads, it would be extremely appreciated. You can find my resume here and my contact information here.)


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