Maybe you just graduated from college, or you have a few more years left. Whatever the case is, there’s one thing that everyone deals with: moving all of your crap home.

Some students bring most of their personal belongings with them to have in their dorm rooms, so they are almost lucky sometimes because their things can fit right in once home. However, some aren’t like that (including me). In my four years of college, I had duplicates. Extra clothes, extra bedding, even extra kitchen materials… what I had at school, I usually had at home. This was great for when I would go home for a weekend, because I always had clothes there and didn’t have to worry about bringing a lot back.

I wouldn’t say it’s great now, because I’m living at home after graduation and the whole house is filled with my stuff.

So, what do you do with all of it? Here are some suggestions.

1. Donate what you won’t use again

There are a lot of things you can donate to different places. Did you know that you can donate towels and sheets to animal shelters? If you have old twin XL sheets you’ll never use again and towels used in the communal bathroom, bring them to your local animal shelter instead of just tossing them in the trash.

Besides bedding and towels, you can also donate school supplies if you won’t need them later. Contact a school in your area, get in touch with a teacher, or donate them to a foundation that provides kids with supplies.

2. Pack up items for when you’re moving in the future

Do you have a lot of items you used in your dorm kitchen? Maybe you’ve collected enough spatulas, saucepans, and measuring cups to furnish a kitchen in your future apartment. Most times, if you’re living at home, those items are already there. Pack them all up in one box (or a few, if you have more), label the box, and store in your basement, attic, or wherever it’s out of the way. When you do move out of your parent’s house, you’ll already have some items packed and ready to go, and you won’t have to buy them.

3. Sell a few things

One major tip I suggest is to clean out your closet and dressers BEFORE you put your clothes away. Not only will this help to put them away instead of leaving them on the chair (you know what chair I’m talking about), but it can also help with actually cleaning. If you’ve found that you can get rid of a lot of your clothes, sell them!

Of course, you could go on Ebay or make your own shop to sell, but why not take advantage of social media and sell items in bulk? Put together a pile of the same sort of clothes and same size (for example, 10 t-shirts in a size 6), take a picture, and use websites like the Facebook marketplace to sell. You’ll save on shipping if the person’s in the area, you can sell more than one at a time, and you’ll be able to get rid of things faster. Plus, you can make a few bucks!


If you have some other great ideas on what to do with all of your crap from college, comment below! Because let’s face it. I may have just graduated and know how to do a few things, but I definitely need some more suggestions.


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