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Life is pretty hectic right now. I’m less than a month away from my college graduation. Soon, I’ll be thrown into a real life and forced to be a real “adult” (even though I currently only have a summer job lined up that pays minimum wage). I may look put together and professional, but I definitely feel like my life is falling apart. Are you struggling as well with this? Have no fear. I use a few different tactics to look better than I actually am, so consider applying them to your life too. As I always say, “fake it until you make it.”

Okay, I don’t really say that. I usually just say “I’m going to wing it” when I most definitely should not be winging it.

1.Always carry around a big water bottle with you

Okay, so obviously everyone should be drinking water every day. When you’re stressed, it’s easy to forget. Purchase a large reusable water bottle that will stay cold and carry it around at all times. Not only will people think you’re totally hydrated, but you may actually remember to drink enough water. My favorite is the Live Infinitely Water Bottle, which is 30 ounces and has two different covers – you can get yours here.

2. Work on your skincare routine

Up until recently, I never knew how much proper skincare could affect you (mentally and physically). Is your life in shambles? Do a face mask. Put on a nose strip. Wash your face. Your life could still be in shambles, but having clear (and happy) skin will give the impression that you’re put together.

 3. Clean out your emails every few days

I have found this to be an AMAZING task, and it should be done twice a week or so. If your inbox (or inboxes, if you have multiple) is cluttered and scary to look at, clean it out. Make separate folders for email subjects and delete all the subscription emails you receive. And don’t forget to then clean out your spam folder AND your trash!

4. Actually write in your planner

I’m guilty of forgetting about my planner. I buy a pretty one and keep it in my backpack, but it just stays there. Seriously, use your planner! I don’t necessarily even write on the dates, but I use the pages for my to-do lists. Using your planner will alleviate some of the stress, and maybe you’ll remember when that assignment is due.

5. Eat some veggies

This sounds silly, right? Everyone should eat vegetables. But, just like with drinking water, it’s easy to forget after having a burger and fries every night in the dining hall for a week. Whether it’s a salad or just some green beans and zucchini, fill your plate. Others will think you’re super healthy, even though your lunch earlier today was cookies and string cheese.

6. Always look like you’re working on something really important (even if you’re not)

I wish I could tell you how much I do this, but I feel like I’d get in trouble somehow. If you’re on your computer, keep an article up or a spreadsheet to work on. When I was in high school, I would always leave a homework assignment open so if I was on Tumblr or watching YouTube videos, I could easily switch back to the homework if someone walked by (sorry Mom!). The whole “fake it until you make it” is key here: pretend you’re always working, even if you’re really just taking a quiz on Buzzfeed.

7. Make a spreadsheet to organize your life

Spreadsheets. Are. Amazing! I always used to avoid them, but I use them constantly at my internship so now I prefer to make spreadsheets instead. You can use Excel or Google Sheets, but I’ve just started using Airtable and I love it. With preloaded templates, you can create a to-do list, an editorial calendar, a finance sheet… the possibilities are endless. Sign up for Airtable with my link! 

8. Find a playlist for every mood

If you were to look at my Spotify, you would see at least 15 playlists with funny names (I’m talking “Shit’s Real Emotional” and “Women Rule, Dirtbag”). I’ve found that having playlists for every emotion you feel is really helpful for when you’re trying to accomplish something. You can create your own or use already crafted ones on Spotify. My personal favorite is “Your Favorite Coffeehouse.”

9. Cook

Quite honestly, I do feel a little more put together if I cook. I have a kitchen just steps away in my residence house, so I cook often. Sometimes it’s just pasta, but I feel better than if I was to stuff my face with snacks. Consider cooking once a week. You could even cook with your friends and host a family dinner night!

10. And if all else fails… put on your best face and rock it

Okay, so maybe none of these suggestions worked for you. Maybe you still feel like you’re failing miserably and people can tell. If so, you just have to face it. You have to fake it.


Now, get out there and make life happen.


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