I may have moved into my dorm room a month ago, but I finally finished setting everything up! Since it’s my senior year, I guess I’ve figured it out on how to make my room look awesome.

Before you wonder, I am living in a residence house this year, where there are only 12 residents. It’s quiet, small, and I live on the first floor right next to the entrance. It’s great. I was also never assigned a roommate, so I’m enjoying my double as a single. I could get a roommate eventually, but I’m hoping they’ll save the spot for my best friend Catherine when she returns from studying abroad.

The “Bedroom”

For the past three years, I have always chosen to make my bed tall. I could keep everything underneath and out of the way, but I’m short. So I always had to leap into bed. This year, I have the room to make my bed short! I lower my bed, but still put my bed risers on so I can put my totes and milk crates there.

The tapestry, inspired by the scene in Tangled, is a new addition, which I bought from Wish. I also attached my Pixar-like lamp from Ikea to my bedframe, where I have one of my Ikea Raskog carts to use as a nightstand. I much prefer the cart instead of actual furniture, because it holds more and it’s easily moveable.

This is my first time ever having a bureau that moves! I absolutely love it, and I keep my TV there. Also, my comforter is new!

The “Guest Room”


Like I mentioned, a roommate was never assigned to me. So I put sheets and a pillow on the bed (which I lowered) and now it’s a couch! I also have the extra desk, bureau, and wardrobe, but I’ve decided to not use them for now. That way, when someone does move in, I don’t have to move it all.

The “Living Room”


My room is huge. Besides when I lived in the quad dorm room, I’ve never had so much floor space. I had a purple butterfly chair, but the cushion ripped, so this blue one is new. I also have a rug, an Ikea table, and my second Ikea cart, which I use for my bathroom caddy and miscellaneous cleaning supplies.

Now, I’ve got the fireplace, which is really, really cool. Unfortunately it’s not usable, but the mantle rocks. My goldfish, Squishy, lives up there on the shelf.

The “Kitchen/Office”


Yes, I have a UK flag (I bought it as a midnight decision last year). This is where my desk and bookshelf is, as well as my fridge and microwave. The top of my bookshelf is where I keep my coffeemaker, which I use strictly for tea and hot chocolate, nothing else. I also have my mugs below and my snack box.

I don’t use my desk as often as I should, mostly because I have my table and chair. But I do use it for storage! As for my fridge, I still don’t think it’s big enough. But luckily, the actual kitchen is down the hall, where we have a full-sized fridge and freezer and stove. So this year, I can actually buy ice cream.

The “Closet”


I know I’ve said a lot of things are great about this room, but the best is definitely my closet. Most rooms on campus have wardrobes. I was blessed with this closet. It’s huge, going further back on the left (I keep my drying rack and vacuum there). I have a lot more room to hang up clothes, sort my shoes, and hide my dirty laundry.

The top shelf is where I keep my decorative boxes and drinks. And yes, I’m 21! My house is a “wet house” so because I’m of age, my alcohol doesn’t need to be hidden.

Out of every place I’ve lived (this is my 5th residence), this is definitely my favorite. My best friend Cassie is right next door, where she’s the Resident Assistant. While we may not live together, we still live in the same house and travel back and forth to our rooms when we aren’t busy. My car is also down here, but because the lot is off-campus, I can only park it on campus on weekends. HOWEVER, my house has a parking lot so I’m never too far.

This is the first place where I’ve truly felt at home. And if it’s going to be my trial run before I’m out in the world and living on my own, then let’s do this.