I work at a concert venue. This venue has hosted many country artists before. This venue was where I saw Christina Grimmie, six years ago, before her passing last June. This venue is a home to me.

I have been to Las Vegas multiple times. I have family that lives outside of Vegas. I’ve walked down the Strip, I’ve been to Mandalay Bay, I stayed at the Luxor next door.

I went to a concert on Saturday night in Boston. I have another concert in three weeks, and one more the week after. If I’m not working at a concert, I’m attending. Concerts have always been my one true love.

I cannot imagine something like what happened in Las Vegas happening at my venue, or a concert I go to. I think about how any of the concerts I attend, no matter who I’m seeing or where I am or how safe the venue supposedly is, could end up just like this one.

November 2015, Paris lost 89 concert attendees at the Eagles of Death Metal show.

June 2016, we lost Christina Grimmie at a small venue in Florida.

May 2017, Manchester, UK, lost 22 fans at an Ariana Grande concert.

October 2017, we are mourning 58 and hoping those 500+ injured will pull through because someone decided to attack a country music festival in Las Vegas.

I should never, ever have to worry if I’m going to be killed while at a concert, whether I’m working or attending. I should be thinking about what merchandise I want, or singing along to the music, or trying to find band members after the show. This is what happens at concerts, not where I have to think if the person next to me snuck a weapon in. But it could happen to me, because apparently it no longer matters what genre of music you like.

Apparently, it doesn’t even matter if you sneak a weapon inside, because this shooter was on the 32nd floor of the hotel. Can we even protect ourselves anymore? Who knows?

All I know is that every time someone attacks another concert venue, they are ruining the safe place of music for everyone.




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