Last week, I was driving to my job at the Bank of NH Pavilion at Meadowbrook, where I sell concert merchandise. My drive is anywhere between 35 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, and I drive over three railroad crossings each way. That may not seem unusual, but it’s always been great for me. My family has had this thing since I was little where you put your finger to the roof of your car and make a wish as you drive over a railroad crossing. I don’t know where it came from, but I still make wishes because often, they do come true.

But as I drove over the first crossing, I couldn’t think of anything to wish for. At the second, I was still stuck. And at the third, I realized: I had nothing to wish for so desperately like I always have. Because life is good right now.

I recently bought my first car, which was a shock for me. I was hoping to keep my dear, old Ford Escape named Penelope until the end of the summer. However, I eventually realized she was going through too many problems, and I needed to just do it and buy a reliable car that I liked. So I bought a Ford Focus and named her Agent Peppermint Patty (Agent P for short).

Happy to have been raised as a Ford girl…. built Ford tough, right?

So, there’s one wish of wanting a new car down. Then I think about my future, where I remember that I have a job at school, and I have two jobs this summer, and I already have an internship lined up for the fall. I’m somewhat financially stable, and my rooming situation at school is good.

What else is there to wish for? Everything has gone right for me so far this summer. I’m about to leave for New York City festivities for the holiday. I’m no longer worrying about transportation. I’m not unemployed.

I guess I could wish for an apartment, or a million dollars, or a boyfriend. I could make a wish on a railroad crossing for sugar to be nonexistent, or my student loans to be paid for by an anonymous donor.

But why bother? When life is better and you’re much happier, then roll with it. Don’t keep wanting more when you have everything you need in life. If you do, you’ll continue to put yourself down until you really aren’t satisfied with what you have in front of you.

For now, as I drive over every railroad crossing, I’ll still put my finger up to the roof of the car and make a wish. It’s fun. It’s entertaining. But I’m thankful that I don’t have to make as many wishes anymore as I used to.



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