Today, I’m officially 21 years old. Years ago, I didn’t even think I’d make it to this age. But I did, and I’m here, and my life has changed in so many ways. I can officially go to 21+ concerts, I can drink alcohol (not that I’ll get drunk every day anyways), and I could actually be considered a -GASP- adult.

Five years ago, my 16th birthday was the Super Bowl, like it is today. The Patriots, my favorite team, were in the Super Bowl that year as well. They lost. And adding a few other teenage girl factors into it, I felt like I had a terrible birthday. But that doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not going to let little things tear me down, and I’ve grown a lot since then.

To celebrate my birthday, I rounded up a list of 21 things that have happened in the past year, to remind myself of how much my life has improved.

Still the same old Danie. Cute and innocent!
Back in my ‘modeling’ days.

6 goals I’ve accomplished 

  1. Reach 5,000 views on my blog.
  2. Save money/make a few extra dollars.
  3. Conquer my first-ever long bus trip to visit Kaitlyn in Pennsylvania.
  4. Look into declaring minors (I declared a second concentration).
  5. Read my entire list of books and more.
  6. Get over my fear of public speaking.

5 things I did to change my life

7. I got a new job for new experience (and to afford concert tickets).
8. I started writing in a planner and using notebooks to help stay organized.
9. I finally started taking medication to control my anxiety, and it has helped me in so many ways.
10. I’ve traveled to places I didn’t think I’d go, which has completely benefitted me in becoming the adult I eventually want to be.
11. I purchased my first MacBook and switched over from PC, and I know I’ll never go back. I’m utterly in love with my MacBook Air and it makes my hectic life so much easier to handle.

4 fun facts

12. I’ve become obsessed with pumpkin flavor, literally. I purchased pumpkin spice tea in bulk and you can always catch me finding pumpkin-related things to fuel my addiction (except coffee, gross).
13. I transitioned to be the Editor-in-Chief over at Her Campus Lasell, and it’s still weird to me.
14. I found my (s)quad. And I never, ever thought I’d find a group of friends who would actually stick with me and accept me for the person I am.
15. I got to see all the cool bands. At the age of 20, I saw: Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, Journey, Guns N’ Roses, Stevie Nicks, Whitesnake, Foreigner, and The Pretenders.

3 pictures that sum up my 20th year (16, 17, and 18)

2 lessons I’ve learned 

19. There’s nothing wrong with saving money. Whether it’s taking time to cut coupons, hunting for deals, or using apps to get free gift cards, it’s worth it to use that free money later on the things you want.
20. Everyone is going to tell you how to live your life. They’re going to tell you that you should dress this way, and you shouldn’t swear, and you should go to bed early, and you shouldn’t act weird in public, and you should only find jobs for your career path, and you shouldn’t spend your money on useless crap, and you should never use run-on sentences. But I disagree. Everyone wants you to act a certain way, whether you’re reading blog posts from Pinterest or listening to others before class. I think it’s shit. If I want to wear my blanket as a cape while reading a book and listening to a vinyl record, own 10 different notebooks to keep my OCD at bay, and then go to my job as a server because I make more money than I would if it was a job I actually liked, then so be it. Everyone wants you to live your life their way, but only you can choose your journey.

1 goal for my 21st

21. Go on hundreds of adventures with the people I love.
(Go Patriots!)

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