I’m a junior in college. That means I have only TWO years left before I’m officially a graduate. I don’t plan on going to grad school after, so that means these next two years are most likely my last adventures and excuses for being an immature college student.

So, here are 75 goals I wish to accomplish before I graduate. I was inspired by a post I saw from another blogger about a sort-of bucket list, so here’s mine! I will try and keep up with it, so when something’s finished I’ll cross it off. And of course, I’ll post it in two years along with my diploma.


  1. Make it to graduation (obviously). (completed 5/12/18)
  2. Pass all of my classes with at least a B. (completed 5/8/18)
  3. Do an amazing job as Campus Correspondent for Her Campus and get us to a pink level chapter. (official as of 4/18)
  4. Celebrate my 21st birthday. (completed 2/5/17)
  5. Celebrate my 22nd birthday. (completed 2/5/18)
  6. Go to Los Angeles.
  7. Sit in the library for one entire day to read as many books as I can.
  8. Go to one of the end-of-year fashion shows. (completed 4/29/17)
  9. Vote in the election. (completed 10/14/16, I sent in my absentee ballot!)
  10. Get my bartending license.
  11. Save enough money to pay for some of my tuition out of pocket.
  12. Reach 15,000 views on this blog.
  13. Find a successful internship. (completed 8/14/17 when I was offered the position)
  14. Finish writing a book.
  15. Volunteer somewhere in Boston.
  16. Have a wine night (or some kind of drink) with my best friends. (completed multiple times during the year)
  17. Go to a Haunted House.
  18. Find a job before graduation so I know I won’t be screwed. (it’s waitressing, but at least it’s something! completed 4/18)
  19. Take a class that has nothing to do with my major. (completed my senior year)
  20. Take advantage of the opportunities given to me at school. (completed 10/2017, when I went on the DC trip with the Communication department)
  21. Do something stupid.
  22. Walk in the Torch Parade at the end of the year. (completed 5/2/17)
  23. Participate in River Day.
  24. Take a picture with Boomer the Torchbearer. (completed 3/7/17)
  25. Go to Franco’s.
  26. Have a fancy, high-class dinner with my best friends.
  27. Go to Max Brenner’s chocolate bar brunch on Boylston Street.
  28. Go clubbing in Boston. (completed 2/22/18)
  29. Spend a day studying at the Boston Public Library.(completed 2/24/17)
  30. Have a photoshoot on the Lasell signs. (completed 11/17)
  31. Avoid getting sunburned on Marathon Monday. (completed 4/17/17)
  32. Crash a party.
  33. Actually go to Midnight Breakfast. (completed 12/12/16)
  34. Write a napkin note for the dining hall. (completed 10/25/16)
  35. Get a picture of myself on Lasell’s website. (completed 2/1/17, I’m on the library’s page!)
  36. Attend Trivia Night at Shake Shack.
  37. Win Bingo (again).
  38. Pull a real all-nighter and go to class without having gone to sleep.
  39. Apply to the Disney College Program.
  40. Stay in the library until midnight. (Does this count if I work until midnight? Yep.)
  41. Actually use a planner. (completed my senior year)
  42. Start writing in a journal. (completed second semester, junior year)
  43. Become fluent in Spanish (again).
  44. Go to a football game at BU or BC.
  45. Work out at the gym more than once a semester. (completed Jan. 2017)
  46. Sneak onto somewhere cool on campus, like the dorm’s roof.
  47. Buy a new iPhone.(completed 2/18/17, bought a rose gold 7 Plus)
  48. Splurge on a really amazing outfit.
  49. Be the best maid of honor in my sister’s wedding. (completed 8/12/17)
  50. Visit Catherine when she goes abroad.
  51. Stop caring so much about what other people think of me.
  52. Go on a real date.
  53. Overcome my anxiety.
  54. See Def Leppard again. (completed 4/8/17)
  55. Visit New York City. (completed 10/21/17)
  56. Go to a Patriots game.
  57. Go to a Red Sox game.
  58. Go to a Bruins game.
  59. Go to a Celtics game.
  60. Check out the Boston Museum of Science. (completed 4/21/18)
  61. Visit the Skywalk Observatory at the Pru.
  62. Take a selfie with my college’s President. (completed 5/2/17)
  63. Catch an improv show at Improv Boston. (completed 2/11/17)
  64. See Kaitlyn one more time.
  65. Leave notes in library books for people to find.
  66. Watch Netflix in bed for one entire day.
  67. Attend a game for every sport at school.
  68. Watch a music festival.
  69. Accomplish at least ten Random Acts of Kindness.
  70. Befriend one of the campus squirrels.
  71. Go on a road trip. (completed spring break 2018)
  72. Try aerial yoga. (completed 2/21/18)
  73. Get a tattoo.
  74. Have a photoshoot with my squad before graduation.
  75. Say “I did it!”

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