I’ve been busy, which is an understatement. Okay, fine. I’ve been SWAMPED. I had no time for anything. I have plenty of work that I’ve done and a whole load of it just haunting my dreams. But during these past two and a half weeks, something wonderful happened.

My best friend Kaitlyn and I reunited for the first time in four years.


It took a LOT of convincing, but I got the go ahead to travel down to Pennsylvania for the first half of my spring break (which overlapped with the last half of Kaitlyn’s) and visit her. Needless to say, it was a little emotional.

We stayed at her parents’ house for the first two days, then made our way over to Marywood University where she goes to school. Here are some of the things we did during those short four days:

  • We slept a lot
  • I had my first Sheetz experience (GO THERE IT’S SO GOOD)
  • We explored four different record shops before finally finding Hysteria on vinyl for me
  • We got to watch our favorite show, The Fosters, together
  • I went to class with Kaitlyn
  • We triedΒ to go to her dad’s show on Saturday night but passed out after we pigged out at Friday’s
  • I got to feed Kaitlyn’s turtle Charlie
  • I met her roommates
  • We drove around where she lives because I’ve never been to Scranton before
  • We went shopping (because let’s face it, we like clothes)

To get to Scranton, I took a bus from Boston to NYC and then one to Scranton. When I left on Tuesday, I was on three different buses for 10 hours (Scranton to NYC, NYC to Boston, and Boston to home). Bleh.

Here are some pictures of us being cute because we decided we needed pictures to document this wonderful event:



further proof we are twins: sweatshirts, same hair, glasses, skinny jeans and combat boots. No, we’re not friends at all…

I already miss her like crazy, but we’re making attempts to figure out when we’ll see each other again. Now that we’re adults, we actually can drive and travel and do all those fun things. It’s hard being best friends with someone who lives six hours away, but for now, we know it’s possible that this meeting is definitely not our last. It’s just the beginning.

(Also, here’s a side note: I cut my hair yesterday. I hope you guys like it because I love healthy hair and my curls again.)


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