1. You want to keep saying “I’m a teenager!” and then you remember. You’re not a teenager. You’re officially in your twenties.
  2. You somehow feel this change around you that makes you believe you’re supposed to act older, all the time, no matter what situation you’re in.
  3. You walk more confidently.
  4. You feel you shouldn’t associate with teenagers anymore.
  5. You have to start calling other adults yourself instead of begging your mom to do it.
  6. You realize that sitting around and watching Netflix will no longer cut it in the adult life.
  7. You can’t be immature anymore or people will think you’re weird for giggling over the word “fart” because you’re too old.
  8. You’re one step closer to being legally able to drink (even if you don’t plan on drinking).
  9. You can no longer get away with anything kids do because you’re “an adult” and should “act responsibly.”
  10. Your body begins to hurt for no reason at all.
  11. You have a desire to get a nice-paying job and a cool apartment and a wonderful life even though that won’t happen until you’re at least 25.

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