Meet Kaitlyn.

(Yep, I took this from her Instagram without telling her.)

Kaitlyn is my best friend. I have known her for about five years now and we met over our favorite band, Action Item. Actually, we met for a certain reason over Tumblr, but I won’t say that reason because it’s embarrassing. On August 24th, 2011, we became best friends. We were inseparable for a year and half, talking to each other constantly over life and band boys and trying to navigate through the ups and downs of high school. For another year and half, we stopped being friends (it’s a LONG story). But when we both went to college, we decided to start over and become friends again and we’ve been strong ever since.

Here’s the thing: Kaitlyn and I live five hours away from each other.

She’s my closest friend I have yet the farthest away from me. I’m in New Hampshire/the Boston area, and she’s in Pennsylvania. In five years, we’ve met once. She persuaded her parents to bring her to an Action Item concert in Boston on February 11, 2012, and we had the BEST time ever. It was amazing. We got to see our favorite band together and we rocked out and had fun conversations all night. It was even great to talk to the band, because they knew we were friends.


(Please ignore how bad we look, we were sophomores in high school and had not yet found our confidence.)


(The other girl is our friend, Dani. She was also at the show that night.)

Since then, we’ve grown up a little bit. Now instead of freaking out over band boys, we talk about college boys and college classes and the future (EEK!). And the best part?

Kaitlyn and I will be seeing each other again, in exactly 3 weeks. Our spring breaks overlap, so I’m taking an early bus down to Pennsylvania right after my classes end and spending four days with her. I’m a little overwhelmed because I have to switch buses in New York City, but it’s all worth it. We haven’t seen each other in four years and every time we think about the fact that it’s real and that we’re seeing each other in person, it still doesn’t feel like it’s happening. But it is. And if we can plan it out, maybe she’ll come up to Boston in the fall.

The thing is, long-distance relationships are hard. Long-distance friendships can be rough, because when all you need is your best friend to give you a hug and tell you it’s going to be all right, you know it won’t happen. You can FaceTime and you can text and call, but it’s not the same. Social media is the way we communicate and it’s how we met. But we make it work. I wish so much that we were closer. Sometimes I think that I should have moved to NYC for school instead, but here I am in Boston having the time of my life and she’s in PA living it up.

While they can be hard, it’s also nice that we live different lives. We go to different schools, we have different majors, and we do other things in our spare time. While we both love going to concerts, our music taste isn’t really the same anymore. I think the best part about having a long-distance friend is that you can hang out with your friends at home and do things with the people close to you, but you will always have that one person you know you can turn to in a time of need.

So thanks Whaitlyn Kite. See you in 21 days.


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