So 2015 has been a LONG year. I can’t believe it is finally coming to an end and 2016 is approaching. And when I was thinking, I realized that I did a LOT over the whole year. Here are 15 things I did in 2015.

  1. I went to Las Vegas and scored free tickets to see Rock of Ages there (a week before it closed on Broadway).
  2. I switched from Blogger to WordPress and finally purchased my own domain for this blog (something I still smile over).
  3. I finally made some amazing friends in college.
  4. While it was short, I took a small four day vacation with my family to Disney World. I also flew on a plane by myself for the first time!
  5. I turned 19, WOOHOO.
  6. I read a LOT of books (which is great for me because I love to read).
  7. I aced both my second semester of freshmen year and my first semester of sophomore year of college at Lasell.
  8. I went to 8 concerts this year (which, weirdly enough, is the least amount of concerts I’ve been to in a year since 2011).
  9. I finally became a server at my job, which meant all I did over the summer was work.
  10. For the third year, I won National Novel Writing Month with a whopping 63,000 words.
  11. I went on my first date (if you want a recap of that, you can click here).
  12. I went to my first concert by myself and survived (I’ve also gone to others).
  13. I officially sold my soul to rock and roll.
  14. My parents and I took a trip to Vermont for a long weekend and I ate really good food.
  15. I survived living in Boston for the first time with it also being the winter with the most snow ever recorded in the city.

Happy New Year, everyone! Have a good night and remember to stay safe out there! I’ll catch you guys in 2016.



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