One Tree Holiday

You may not know this about me, but I’m actually one of those fans of the show One Tree Hill. I can completely blame my sister for that because she is probably one of the biggest fans ever. I’m more of a closet fan, as in “I groan about it every now and then but I actually think the show was wonderful.”

Last night, I had the chance to see Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton perform, who were two of the artists featured on One Tree Hill. They reunited for a tour and titled it “One Tree Holiday.” I was NOT disappointed, not at all. The show was at Brighton Music Hall in the Allston/Brighton location of Boston, and it was a sold-out show. I enjoyed it a lot, mainly because each set only consisted of two people on stage at a time.

Yep, two people. The opening act, My Silent Bravery, was the singer with his guitar and a saxophonist (which was cool). Tyler Hilton was just him with an acoustic and a guy drumming on a box. Kate Voegele performed with an acoustic guitar and a keyboardist. The show was intimate and great and really showed off their talents. Tyler Hilton was a bit hoarse because he has a cold and you could tell by the end of the night, but it didn’t stop him from having a great show.

Since I really didn’t know most of their songs (I only wanted to go because it was a concert), I took the role as photographer and took over 250 pictures. I love experimenting with my camera and trying to figure out the best ways to take pictures, so I decided this concert would be a good time to try since I wasn’t rocking out like I normally do. Here are some of the best pictures from the night.







I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas tomorrow if you celebrate! If you don’t celebrate, then I hope your day is still magical and fun because it’s a day off from school or work. Tomorrow also marks the 3 year anniversary of this blog starting, so that’s crazy. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for three years already. Here’s to the next three years, and thanks for sticking with me!

(Also, here’s a picture from Brighton Music Hall I took last night. The bar has specialty drinks named after rock classics and I got very excited.)

Just a little bit rock and roll, with a mix of pop and a shot of indie.

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