Last month on November 13th, terrorists opened fire on an Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris, killing many people and injuring many, many more. As a concert enthusiast, the thought of this happening to me in Boston scares me immensely.

You see, I’ve been to most of the concert venues in Boston. You’ve got the TD Garden, Gillette Stadium (which is not ACTUALLY in Boston), the House of Blues, the Blue Hills Pavilion, Brighton Music Hall, Paradise Rock Club, The Middle East Nightclub… the list goes on. Some of these concerts are huge, with thousands of people attending. Some are maxed out at two hundred tickets. I’m always going to concerts, whether it’s to see the biggest band on the planet or to see my favorite little band in an intimate venue.

Attacks like this can happen anywhere at any concert venue. It doesn’t matter if the place is small or the size of a stadium. However, I feel like some places just don’t have enough security to prevent this from happening.

Some places, like Gillette Stadium and the House of Blues, take many precautions to make sure the concert attendees are safe. At Gillette, there are no bags allowed. The only thing you can really bring in is a small purse or a bag that you may have gotten from the Patriots Pro Shop. They check your bags, they make you go through a metal detector… every precaution is checked. At the House of Blues, they check through all of your bags. There is no particular size limit, but they thoroughly check. I went once with a bag with many zippers and they made me unzip every part to make sure I had nothing that wasn’t permitted inside. At these venues, I feel safe.

Even at outdoor venues, I feel pretty safe. I go to Meadowbrook Pavilion in Gilford, NH all the time for summer shows and their security is pretty tight. When I saw Def Leppard was the first time I was on the lawn and we brought camping chairs. Their security had us take the chairs out of the bags just to make sure, which made me feel comfortable about being out in the open. They take extra precautions to make sure everyone is okay.

But some places don’t always check. I’ve been to a few concerts where they were running late on checking people in, so they didn’t bother to check any bags. One time when I went to the Paradise Rock Club, they didn’t check my bag. I had a water bottle (sealed) in my purse, but when a bartender saw me drinking from it, she gave me a cup and told me I had to pour it in there and drink from the cup instead. That, I was fine with because I was at least still allowed to drink the water.

But if we aren’t checking bags or making sure people are safe inside, how are we supposed to believe something like Paris won’t happen again in the United States? Concerts are supposed to be a safe place for music fans, but unfortunately it turned awful in Paris and just like many other people around the world, I am extremely upset that it happened there.

Concert venues should be more uptight when it comes to security. Yes, concert fans like to complain when they aren’t allowed to bring their large purse inside or something of theirs is confiscated or they aren’t allowed to crowd surf. Yes, I do understand that concerts are meant to be fun. But they are also meant to be safe. We don’t need a massacre to happen at another concert in the United States. I don’t want to feel endangered when I’m at a concert, and I’m sure many other concert-goers agree with me.

What concert venues should be doing is checking every single bag. They should check if you’re wearing a jacket to see if anything is concealed that could be dangerous. And after that, they should be taking more precautions in the concert venue to keep the peace. Security is meant to protect both the fans and the bands from any harm that could potentially happen. I do agree that it is annoying and I feel bad when I have to make security look through my entire bag at the show. But, I do feel safer. I feel better going into a concert when I see that everyone has had their bags checked. Some venues are already checking bags and taking more steps inside the venue. I’m glad they do that. But not enough venues are checking and we need all concert venues to be safe.

Concerts are meant to be fun, to have a chance to enjoy music and to have a safe space. If we want that to continue, we need concert venues to have tighter security.


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