Yesterday I wrote a blog post on gender stereotyping in rock music. I didn’t expect to get much of a response because it’s something that unfortunately happens often. Now, I won’t give out a name or anything, but I had someone tell me on my personal Tumblr (where I gave the link out) that my rant was “annoying”, to spare everyone the “over-sensitive boo-hoo poor me feminism” and that “rock n roll has done okie-dokie with out if for decades and we don’t need it now”. I know it was only one review, but it still made me a little angry.

Now, besides the multiple, rolling-my-eyes-at grammatical errors in there, that basically confirms what I was saying in yesterday’s  blog post. I was going to let the whole thing slide, but I think I would rather tell you guys what I’m thinking about this whole thing.

A person telling me that rock music does okay without its feminism crap obviously doesn’t know half of what rock and roll is. Have you heard of Joan Jett? Obviously not. She’s only one of my favorite female rock artists. By telling me that what I said is annoying and shouldn’t be said, you are letting me know that gender stereotyping in rock music does, in fact, still exist. 

People like this unfortunate person are the ones discouraging girls from being fans of rock and roll music. If you tell a girl that their feminism isn’t needed and rock and roll doesn’t need her, you are steering her away from the music she loves. You are telling her that she can’t be a fan of what she wants to be a fan of. You are saying that rock and roll is better with just men and no women.

Why do we keep letting this happen? Why do we all just agree that women ‘don’t belong’ in rock? I’m kind of sick and tired of this whole mindset. Instead of discouraging teenage girls, we should be ENcouraging. There aren’t enough girls in rock, and while some people tend to think that it’s for the best, girls don’t think that. Girls want to be involved just as much as guys do, but others knock them down and tell them to get out. It’s not fair, to be honest.

So what I’m trying to say here is that we NEED to start encouraging more girls to be in the rock music industry. Love rock. Listen to it as much as you can. Embrace it, enjoy it, do it. Don’t let others try and tell you otherwise. Love what you want to love, because it’s YOUR life. And if you see another girl out there listening to rock music, give them a high five and tell them to keep on rocking out.


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  1. You know, I’ve never really thought about gender stereotyping in rock music but now that you bring it up it is a valid point. I think there are gender stereotypes across SO many industries and raising awareness is the first step toward breaking the boundaries. I would just ignore the Tumblr naysayer, haters are gonna hate (:

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