Something that really grinds my gears is gender stereotyping in rock music. I never used to see it until I became a fan myself, and I’m actually pretty angry about it.

As a 19-year-old female, it is seen as ‘strange’ for me to like bands who had their heyday 30+ years ago. It was okay for 19-year-old females to like bands like Motley Crue or Bon Jovi back when they were in their prime era, but for a teenage girl in 2015? That shouldn’t be possible. I must be one of those girls who tries to be hipster by wearing a vintage band t-shirt but doesn’t actually know any of their music.

However, the difference for guys is outstanding. Back then, it was cool to see men throwing their horns up at a rock concert. Now, if a young guy is seen wearing a Led Zeppelin or AC/DC shirt, he is depicted as a guy who knows ‘real music’. His music knowledge is great. He knows what the best music is.

Why can’t a girl know ‘real music’, too?

It’s not right that men and women are judged differently for their same taste in music. We are seen as fake wannabes, while guys get congratulated for liking good music. Where’s my congratulations? Why do you roll your eyes when I say my favorite song at that moment is “Come As You Are” by Nirvana? You should be happy that I like a variety of music, whether it’s rock, grunge or pop.

Women, even in 2015, are still seen as what they used to be judged as from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. They’re just the tagalongs. The groupies. The sidekicks to the men on top. The fangirls, not the fans. We are seen as only liking a band to be cool or because we think the band members are attractive. Why can’t we like music to genuinely like music? It’s time for girls to stop being shown as unable to know what ‘real music’ is and for only guys to be seen as cool for having the same exact music taste as the girl sitting next to him. Let’s be done with the gender stereotyping and just be grateful you can enjoy music with others, whether they are male or female.

I get stared at when I walk around campus, wearing my old band shirts. My Spotify is full of rock playlists from the 70’s and 80’s. My male professors ask me if I’m too young to know this band, or older men at concerts ask me if I just came along with my mom and if I even know any songs. People find it strange that my favorite musical/movie is Rock of Ages, because why would I be interested in 80’s music?

I go on long rants to people about what I think of band breakups or if an album was really that legendary. I can list off the lineups of many bands, including the real names/stage names, the ones who left and the ones who passed away. I may like most of the number one songs by the best bands, but why does that matter? I know the bands. I know the albums. I know the events. I know rock music.

But you’re right. I’m a teenage girl in 2015, so there’s no way I’m a real fan of real classic rock music.


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