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There is nothing better than being at a concert. When you’re having a bad week or a bad month and need some kind of release, a concert is there for you.

To me, a concert means hearing your favorite music played live. Seeing a musician live compared to their recordings are never the same. Yeah, you can listen to an album 50 times on repeat, but will you ever see the musicians play their hearts out in front of you? They are right there, and they are performing their music with a different kind of feeling to it. And it’s a good feeling.

A concert means waiting in line for the doors to open, with the anxiety  and excitement building up. You’re thinking, “Where am I going to stand?” or “What songs are they going to perform?” And once those doors open and you get your ticket scanned, you are free. You are in your happy place.

A concert means dancing your booty off and singing your heart out. When you hear your favorite song played by your favorite band, your life changes. You scream the lyrics to the song that helped you out when you needed it the most, fighting back the tears that show how strong you’ve become. You jam out to the songs that made your Thursday nights fun in college. You feel the beat drop in your stomach, the guitar solo ringing in your ears, and the drumming through the floor.

A concert means getting the chance to maybe, maybe, meet your favorite musician. He is sweaty and disgusting, and he’s surrounded by teenage girls, but he is there. He is right in front of you. And when he smiles at you, gives you a big hug, and asks how you are, you want to melt into the floor or cry on his shoulder. And then the picture is taken, and you don’t even care that you look gross and he looks fantastic. You have that picture to save forever, to show that you met him. And he was amazing.

This is how frequent concert-goers feel every time they attend a concert. It’s what I feel after seeing the same band five or six times. Concerts are an escape for me, and millions of other girls. Concerts give me life. They help me breathe, they help me with my emotions. Concerts are there for me. And I hope everyone has something that is there for them too.



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