Maybe I’m just vain. That’s definitely the answer for everyone who is over the age of 35. Oh, your Instagram is covered in selfies? You must love yourself way too much.
But… is there really a thing about loving yourself too much? Shouldn’t we be promoting self-love, not self-hate?
People take selfies for a reason. Maybe they love their hair that day and want to show it off. Maybe their outfit is “on fleek” (I will never use that term again). Or maybe they just feel pretty that day and want to take some pictures. When people tell us that we’re being conceited because we like to snap selfies, it makes our confidence fade. It makes us feel that we’re not good enough and we shouldn’t be loving ourselves.
Why should it matter if we’re the selfie generation? We take selfies because we like how we look, and we want the world to see we’re happy. At least, that’s what I see it as. When I post a recently-taken selfie on Instagram, I do it because I love how I look in that picture. I love my smile or my mysterious face or the curls in my hair. Sometimes it takes me 50 tries before I get it, but I don’t care. Posting a selfie online makes me happy, and it makes me even happier when people ‘like’ them.
Maybe I really am vain. But I would much rather be vain and always posting selfies than constantly wallowing in my misery because people have told me to stop taking so many pictures of myself.

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  1. I’m 37 and I like to take selfies too. Like anything, it’s benign in moderation. When it becomes a compulsion, it becomes a problem. Taking 50 shots one day to get the perfect selfie is just a photo shoot. Taking 50 shots every day is a compulsion…evidence that something is out of balance and is worth giving some thought to.

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