A lot of people are uncomfortable with being alone. They need someone around them at all times, no matter the consequences. They need to have someone to talk to, or someone to sit with them at dinner, or even someone just to walk with. 

I used to be that person. 

I mean, I still like having people around me to hang out with. In a way, it kind of boosts my confidence because I have someone with me and it makes me feel like I’m not by myself when I’m surrounded by everyone else. It’s nice to have a few friends. 

But I like being alone. And it’s totally okay to be alone. 

I like walking to class and going to dinner by myself. I can think, and I’m not forced to talk. For me, talking in public situations isn’t always easy. Working in food service and going on vacation has helped, but making conversation with someone as we eat dinner can be a struggle. It’s nice to sit by myself in the dining hall and eat. I enjoy sitting in my dorm room that is now a single, so I can do whatever I want. I can blast my music, watch TV without headphones, and do as I please when I’m alone. 

Today I spent the day alone. I walked to the grocery store and did my shopping, and then I went to Boston. It was nice to take the T by myself and decide where I want to go. I went into a few clothing stores and stopped at Au Bon Pain to get a cookie before heading back. It was relaxing and fun. And sometimes, a person needs that. 

It’s okay to be alone and do things by yourself. There are no rules in life that you have to spend every waking moment with others. While it can be nice to have someone to be with, it is also nice to have nobody. Society has become more accepting (especially in college) to people who choose to be alone. When you are alone, embrace it. You don’t always get the chance, and when you have that ability to just be by yourself and think, grab hold of the reins and roll with it. 

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