1. When you travel to the concert with someone, do not leave them. You either brought them with you or planned on going together. If you meet someone to hang out with while there, that’s awesome! But don’t ditch them. 
  2. Do not push through the crowd and claim that you have someone waiting for you up front, because we can ALL tell you’re lying so you can get front row. It’s rude and you can probably see just fine towards the back. Do you really HAVE TO touch the lead singer’s hand while he’s singing? 
  3. Don’t argue with security. They are there for a reason, to protect both you and the bands. If they say you have to leave after the concert is over, they mean it. I agree, some security can be seriously rude (Some venues I don’t like because of their security), but they are doing their job. They are not trying to be mean. 
  4. Be nice to the people around you! Don’t elbow someone constantly or block their view because your hand is in the air the entire show. And make friends! Also, if you see someone who is in the crowd next to you and say, a mosh pit starts, or it’s going crazy, and they aren’t looking so hot, help them out or call for security. 
  5. If you meet a band guy, that is AWESOME. Only because I love meeting band guys. But be nice to them. Don’t yell “I WANT YOUR BABIES” or completely fangirl over them while they are right there. Save that for after you leave. Sometimes all they have time for is a hey, a hug and a picture (and a signature too), so don’t leave them tied up forever while you talk. But if there isn’t a huge line or it’s a band guy you’re familiar with, it’s okay to talk for a few minutes. 
  6. If it is cold outside, wear something warm. If it is hot outside, wear something to keep you cool. I will never understand girls who go to a concert in the middle of winter wearing a crop top and shorts. At least wear tights or a jacket with the outfit. Also, heels are a no. If they’re less than 2 inches, great. But if you trip and fall because you’re wearing stilettos at a concert, that is not our problem. 
  7. Show up at a good time. If doors open at 6 and it’s SRO, I would get there around 5 if you want a nice view. Even if I get there later and it’s a small concert, I can still see pretty well (depending on the venue). But do NOT complain about the long line or that you’re too far back if you show 5 minutes to doors. 
  8. If buying merch, don’t take forever at the table trying to pick out something or asking for different sizes. Know your size and if there’s a line, figure out what you want before getting up there. Also, be nice to the merch guys/girls. They work their butts off back there, even if they don’t look it. I could write a whole different post about merch people and those rules, but I won’t.
  9. Be courteous to the openers, even if you don’t know who they are or only know one song. Don’t just stand there and be mad the band you want isn’t out yet. Participate! Clap along and dance so the band doesn’t think everyone is bored and they’re terrible. Usually openers do at least one cover so you can sing along, and if you do know only one song, jam out to it so the band knows people like that song! 
  10. Put the phone away and have fun! I find it SO RUDE when bands are playing and you’re in the front, bored and scrolling through Twitter. They are there for a reason, and they could very well be an awesome band that you could like later on and regret not paying attention. Also, don’t look through your iPhone for the entire concert. Take a few pictures every now and then, but put it away! I usually turn my big camera on and off multiple times through the night so I can take a couple good pictures, then put it down so I can jam out. You’re at a concert, get rid of the social media for an hour and LET GO! 
-Danie xo

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